Brexit, conference and Chestnut Avenue: My Ward Report September 2017

In my first report since June when I covered the GE2017, I will focus on 3 topics (so not an exhaustive report of all activities!)

  • The selection of Furzedown ward council candidates. I was very honoured to have been automatically reselected as a Furzedown ward Council candidate and I am very grateful to everyone who supported me. More here:
  • The Party conference. I was elected by Tooting as a delegate this year which mandated me to vote on motions. It was a very successful and positive conference which included great speeches from Rosena, Sadiq and of course Jeremy. Conference is hard work, especially for delegates who receive the day’s agenda at 8am and stay in the conference hall all day until 5pm or later if it runs on, which it often does, hearing Motions and debates and then voting on them. But it is fun too. Below are some photos of my highlights this year. As a committed Remainer, and given Tooting had proposed a Motion on Freedom of Movement, I was disappointed that there was no vote on Brexit, but the conference votes were unanimous on almost all other issues. My views on EU membership are here:
  • The sad felling of Chestnut Avenue highlights stark differences between the Tory and Labour approach to local government, a point I made this month on ITV News, BBC London News, BBC London Radio and others. The Tory Council doesn’t listen, Tory cllrs don’t fight for their communities, they don’t take the problems of climate change and air pollution seriously. We do! The decision to fell the trees will be costly for the Tories as we gear up for the local elections. As far as I can tell, just as we suspected and the experts told us, many of the trees were indeed healthy, as you can see from these photos. The timber marked ‘bin’ is especially difficult to understand.

More here:

Other news:

  • As a member of Council’s crematorium Board, I was successful in securing concrete measures to tackle funeral poverty including scrapping all cremation costs for children and the introduction of reduced cremation rates for those suffering from funeral poverty. More here:
  • I have been actively pushing the local party to introduce a “family-friendly” policy at all meetings so that carers and those who are cared for feel welcomed by the “Labour family”. While at conference I received lots of support from female MPs for this approach.

Conference 2017


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